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Welcome back! Choose from more than 50 reinstated walking tours, book a CAFC River Cruise and come see what’s new at the Center.

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Your safety is our priority. Before your tour or visit, please review the CAC's Covid-19 Safety Policies.


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150 N. Riverside

Gliding past 150 North Riverside on the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s River Cruise aboard Chicago’s First Lady, the building almost seems to reach out and embrace you. Guests can see themselves and the boat reflected back off the slope of this...

Bobbi Pinkert, CAF Docent Class of 1999

Marina City

300 N. State St.

Revolutionary for its time, Marina City dared to be different. Looking at this engineering marvel from any angle affords stunning views of its various geometric shapes playing off one another.

Linda E. Marcus, CAF Docent Class of 2001

875 N. Michigan Ave

875 N. Michigan Ave.

The shape was not driven by a desire for beauty, but rather is the result of the needs of those using the building.

Bill Lipsman, CAF Docent Class of 2009